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Battlefield 3

Post by LordKamina on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:12 pm

Well I guess I'll just start off a topic like this.

Why I don't like battlefield 3;

First off, I CAN like the game, but only when playing with friends and messing around. When it comes to actual game-play, I find it horrible compared to battlefield 2.

There's a big variety of guns, and driving vehicles is amusing for the most part. Some maps are very big, and allow for some strategy. Co-op is also very nice, and actually do need the cooperation of your teammates instead of you just carrying your partner all the time.

Story mode is good. Nothing more about that.

Community (The majority at-least) is very nice at times, and they have a really good number of clans and servers to choose from.

Majority of infantry-only servers (Which I go on to avoid getting base-raped) often have very small maps on. Which I think is worse then CoD. Why? Because the whole reason why CoD's health system was like that was so you wouldn't be getting killed instantly in those small ass maps.

While the re-spawn in CoD is often bad, it at-least tries to cycle through the spawns when enemies rush your spawn (Excluding Mw2, and Mw3 because they do not count as CoD games to me). In battlefield 3, some maps will do that, but the vast majority of the time, you will be rushed in often; a Mw2 (Ninja, marathon, Shotties, etc) style. Why? Because they can, and spawn protection is basically non-existent within all the games. So for example.

Let's say you're playing on team deathmatch. 90% of the battlefield 3 maps are going to be small. Why? Because Battlefield 3's advertising was trying to appeal both to battlefield fans and CoD fans. Only appealing to the CoD fans in the end result.

Now, why do I hate battlefield 3? All the reasons why I hate CoD, and even more added from EA.

GG bro. kthxDIE.

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