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Ace of Spades Classic

Post by LordKamina on Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:36 pm

First, I'll start off with the beta seeing as it was one of my first rants that really got a large feedback from the majority of the community (though shit as it is) from the original forums.

Now, some aspects of it are fun.


Building is extremely fun with friends, whether it just be free-builds, or just making complex bases. There's always a charm to this aspect of the game because it allows for a lot of tactics and strategy elements; Such as trench warfare, sniping, blitzkrieg, etc.

Destroying, while completely opposite to building, this can be extremely fun, and that too allows for strategy elements; Sabotage, stealth, easy escapes, etc.
A good example of this can be found when some players simply just make big towers or buildings in order to get a better view of their targets (Although in my opinion, this is a bad strategy) or to simply just spot some people,
a good counter to this is just simple.

Get some people to distract the sniper and make lots of noise(Wall banging or explosions) so he can't hear if the saboteur is taking down his tower or not.
Take it down, and rape him and/or his teammates hiding with him.

Custom maps are also fun, but that comes pretty much with any good game. (Or any decent bad one for that matter).

Guns are not balanced at all, and the hit detection is shit.
The rifle kills in 1-2 hits easily anyone.
Smg kills in about 3-5
Shottie is a luck weapon at any long distance. Raping at close.

Now, you'd think this'd be easily balanced simply by adding faster or slower firing time, or lowering ammo cap.
Wrong. Rifle has 10 bullets, and it isn't bolt-action. So you can spam 10 bullets in about 3 seconds.
Smg is a bit fast, but accuracy is shit. So the damage difference is just misused in this case.
Shottie.. well no-one uses it, but it just rapes at close distance to be extremely simple.

Hit detection is shit as well. Even if the enemy is standing still or crouching, you can shoot him with about two clips, see blood spurt out, and it won't even connect. It's hard to explain as I don't have the exact details on how it works. But just try to play a bit AoS at buildandshoot and see what I mean.

Spectating in both the full version and the beta, was limited to third person. So catching legitimate hackers is a guessing game. That, and the turning animation is very rigid. What do I mean by this?
When you turn very fast, or at-least moderately fast, it'll look like a snap. Same with drag-scoping, and etc.

Community is shit as-well. Why? They deny all the cons here.

Conclusion on my part?

Well it's a fun game at times, but as I've said before. Any game that's multi-player, you can MAKE it fun with your friends.
It can be one of those great games. But due to laziness, and poor balance/game design. It fails.

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